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Digital Marketing Consulting Agency that helps small businesses and coaches get ahead with overwhelming tech difficulties, and put systems in place to scale their business

Take your business further with Thrive.

We work and research on a daily basis to keep up with the current market trends. We find new tactics to build up your image in the market with our focused and clear social media tactics.

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Thrive, based in Bern, Switzerland, is a digital marketing agency working in the digital world for over 10 years.

We have worked with a diverse group of customers over the span of a decade ranging from small startups to big companies, from national customers to internationally renowned organizations, and the list goes on. Our focus is on putting you and yours together. We design, implement, and market your digital products.

In digital world, you can buy likes, but not hearts, and a pretty website is only going to get you so far. If you aim to achieve your objectives, you need a the help of someone who can solve problems and build your brand. And that is where we step in. We put your needs and business results above everything else because when your business succeeds, ours flourish as well.

We help you think like a brand and act like a retailer.

How we provoke your ideas
to make you thrive


We build effective ideas and strategies that soar and help you make your customers the hero of your story. Our strategy drives profits to your door.


Where seamless functionality and usability meets crafted design. An imperative factor of creativity is not reluctant to fall. We make social media a tool and use the real-time as a mindset to design the best for you.


A comprehensive digital marketing tactic allows you to opt your clients, to choose your clients wisely and lets you catch, involve, and transform your target market in real-time. So create, publish, amplify your content, and repeat!!!


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